Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Workout

I have really been working out hard during the week. Much easier just to stick around the gym all morning than head to the stores to window shop or sit at Starbucks to sip some coffee.

Today, I ran 3.5 miles; rode the Arc Trainer 45 minutes on Pike's Peak program; and had a tough strength session for 30 minutes. I burned over 1500 calories and hoping to not eat it all later.

Really, I have been doing alright eating a few healthier snacks throughout the day and one bigger meal. So far, the effort isn't showing up on the scale though.

Have a great Tuesday, it's supposed to snow a little later.

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❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

Good job!
No snow here - it really feels like March or April. I hope if we're going to get winter, that we get it soon. I'd much rather have the snow in Jan/Feb than in March/Apr!