Monday, August 6, 2012


I continue to not feel motivated to exercise or track on the weekend.  Unfortunately, seems that I've been making every weekend at least a 4 day weekend.  Exercise and track great Monday-Wednesday and slack off Thursday-Sunday.  This will definitely need to change if I'd like to continue fitting into my clothes.  Even one more good day would be a success for this week.  So that's my goal, track and exercise at least 4 days this week.

Had a great weekend though.  Girls were off camping Thursday and Friday night.  We had friends from out of town visit Thursday-Saturday.  On Friday, we took a trip to our college, St. Norbert.  It was the first time that I had an official college visit since my sister went there, I really didn't have an official visit that I recall.  Besides the tour, we got a free lunch at the caf.  The campus is so much different than 15 years ago.  It's awesome to see the improvements and fun to relive memories.  My wife and I met there and had some fun times together and separate.  My student adviser and choral director happened to be walking through campus as we were starting the tour.  I approached him and he immediately recognized me.  Must have made a huge impression on him either in a good or bad way ;) 

I skipped the exercise Thursday, just because, Friday was a car day, Saturday and Sunday again, just because.  Plus, Sunday we headed to the State Fair eating cream puffs and cheese curds.  This week, I shall get some exercise in today, and head to the gym Tuesday and Wednesday and hit the exercise room at home Thursday for sure.  No reason not to!

Have a great week.

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