Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where Are Your Shoes?

We have a room dedicated to shoes, coats, outdoor toys, etc. It's a room in back of the garage, which could be used as an office and someday I may use it as a music studio, but for now we call it the "den."  It serves as a catch all for backpacks, the vacuum and many other items.  I usually try to organize it about once a week because if I find shoes around the house I just toss them in this room.  You would think after living here for close to 10 months, the kids and the wife would be used to dropping there shoes, bags and coats off in this room.  It does not happen! 

I find shoes all over the place!  Today, I asked my 6 yr old where his gym shoes were so he could wear them.  He didn't have gym today, but it's awful dreary and rainy out, so I wanted him to wear these versus his Crocs.  Forty-five minutes after I started looking for them and had all but given up, he looked outside and said, "Daddy, I found my shoes!"  He LOOKED outside, did not go outside since it's been raining since early yesterday.  He had left his shoes by the trampoline on Sunday night.  After close to 3 inches of rain, these shoes are well water logged. 

Needless to say, he's wearing his Crocs today.  Just like I need to work on my eating habits, the kids and the wife need to work on there habits of leaving coats, shoes, bags EVERYWHERE!  Sure would be nice to have that 45 minutes back to exercise...


Anonymous said...

:) I found when we moved, it really took quite a few years for new routines like putting things in a certain place to become habit. I hope it goes faster for your family!
Hey a few of us WL bloggers are challenging ourselves with certain things (journalling for me) for 30 days - you are welcome to join us! I'm doing it and Staci from Staci's Slimdown http://anewstaci.blogspot.ca/ are in on it. The idea is to set a plan for yourself for the next 30 days and go with it.
Join us?

TB--Milwaukee said...

@Dawn~I will definitely take a look at the challenge. Eating in between meals is killing me right now. Can't imagine journalling/tracking yet at this point.